Voonix and Dolly Casino


February affiliate race

Calling all iGaming affiliates! Dolly Casino and Voonix are thrilled to invite you to the February Affiliate Race. We’ve significantly simplified participation this time around, making it easier than ever to join and compete for top spots.

To participate in the Affiliate Race, ensure your Dolly Casino stats are seamlessly integrated with Voonix. This integration is crucial for tracking your performance throughout the competition. Once your stats are flowing, head over to the dedicated “Monthly Race” tab within your Voonix platform. You won’t miss it! There, enter your anonymous username to climb the Leaderboard and see how you stack up against other participating affiliates.

Don’t miss out on this exciting Affiliate Race! If you’re not currently promoting Dolly Casino, you’re missing a golden opportunity. They’ve boasted incredible conversion rates since their launch just a few weeks ago. Secure your lucrative deal with their friendly representatives before the Affiliate Race kicks off. By joining early, you can maximize your time to climb the Leaderboard and potentially win big!

Jonas, Acquisition Manager
Skype: jonas.martinsson87

William, Acquisition Manager
Skype: williamdubbelve

Or on e-mail via: info@kongaffiliates.com

Best of luck.


1st place

Playstation 5

2nd place

Apple Watch Series 7

3rd place

Apple Airpods Pro

Competition rules:

  • The competition runs from: 1st of February to the 28th of February
  • Allowed geos: All geos that Dolly Casino offer
  • Brands: Dolly Casino only
  • Any FTDs created from traffic that breach the Dolly Casino Terms and Conditions will be removed from the leaderboard.
  • The winners will be contacted directly by Voonix and/or Dolly Casino
  • Prizes can be exchanged for monetary value