What our clients have to say:

“At MyBettingSites, we work with a number of partners in several geos around the world. Voonix makes it possible to easily manage all of that data so our workflow remains streamlined”

My Betting Sites


“The Sportsbooks Online team loves to use Voonix to analyze data on a state-by-state basis in the evolving world of US online sports betting. Voonix is essential for iGaming affiliates.”

Sportsbooks Online


“Voonix has become an integral part of our business, helping us optimize our operations and drive growth. We’re extremely satisfied with the results we’ve achieved through this software, and we highly recommend it to anyone seeking a comprehensive solution for business analytics and reporting.”



“We have been working with Voonix since 2019, and are happy to recommend anyone working with performance marketing to use their tool. The service from the team are also second to none.”

Nett Casino


“We heard about Voonix for the first time from another affiliate and immediately wanted to use it. It has been clear from the beginning that Voonix has been a key tool for optimizing your affiliate business. We wouldn’t work a day without it. Voonix just makes your life so much easier!”



“If you’re looking for a powerful affiliate system software that is easy to use and provides great insights and analytics, look no further than Voonix. The reports it generates are incredibly detailed and have helped me optimize my campaigns and improve my ROI. Plus, the team at Voonix is fantastic and always available to help”



“www.vinnersjanser.com has been using Voonix since January 2019. It has been a great way to get an overview of our traffic, campaigns, and revenue for our affiliate pages. We estimate creating a monthly overview before Voonix would take us about 3 hours. Now we can get daily updates that we can act on within seconds. Their support is also friendly, very tech-savvy and quick. We truly recommend Voonix to get a good data overview and save you a lot of time.”

River iGaming


“Before Voonix we manually used to spend hours every month checking stats. With all the GEOs we are active in, Voonix is way easier compared to the other alternatives. Using Voonix allows us to free up more time than we can spend on marketing efforts. On top of better time efficiency, our employees get an extra motivational boost seeing the total NDCs up on the screens we have set up in the office showing Voonix Stat collector. The support is fast and easy to get, truly an affiliate match-up made in heaven.”

Casino Seal


“Voonix has saved us hours on a daily basis since we started using their tool. It was a game-changer from the very beginning when we joined in early 2019, but ever since the product has developed with improvements and updates that have made Voonix indispensable to us. The product is simply a must for any affiliate who wants to focus on conversions and performance instead of going through hundreds of accounts each day.”

Neverstop media


“Before Voonix we actually had 1 full work day per month assigned to check all our different affiliate accounts. Now, we almost never check accounts manually, thanks to Voonix. Also we have all stats gathered in one single place, updated daily. That’s awesome and we think Voonix is really a great tool and worth every penny.”



“Voonix saves a lot of time for us. We can easily see from one software results from every affiliate program. It is not just time that we are saving now we can easily compare brands and really take full potential out of our sites. Worth every penny!”



“Voonix continues to save us countless hours of checking each affiliate account to see stats. This allows us to focus more hours on what’s important and improve our overall productivity. Voonix is simple to use, and Alexander has been fantastic for any issues or struggles.”

Betting Lounge UK


“We cannot imagine our day-to-day business life without Voonix, it is an essential tool that allows us to analyse and scale accounts without spending hours getting the stats manually. In years of experience in the industry, we have encountered many different styles of reporting – Voonix is by far the best in presenting data. They have a great support team, so you don’t need to worry about the difficulties of getting started”



“We love using Voonix to track our casino revenue because it provides us with real-time, accurate data analytics that helps us optimize our earnings. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows us to quickly and easily monitor our financials, and its powerful insights empower us to make more strategic business decisions”



“Team Kongebonus experienced firsthand how Voonix’s system has transformed our daily workflow. With their great features and user-friendly interface, we’re able to operate more efficiently than ever before. And whenever I need assistance, their exceptional support (Kudos to Maja) is always available to provide prompt and thorough solutions. Voonix gets a 5 star review from Kongebonus!”



“I’ve been using Voonix for a few months now and it’s been a game changer for my affiliate marketing efforts. The software is easy to use and the reports it generates are invaluable for making informed decisions about my campaigns. The team at Voonix is also top-notch, always willing to help with any issues or questions I have”




“Voonix is a key tool in order to optimize and improve overall performance, from deals to conversion. Having all data gathered in one place just makes life much easier for an affiliate”



“Voonix is an amazing affiliate system software that has helped me keep track of my stats and analyze my performance. It’s extremely user-friendly and the reports are incredibly detailed and helpful. The team members are also incredibly responsive and always willing to help with any issues or questions I have”



“We have been using Voonix for many years, a super software run by great people!”




“Voonix is a great software to save time and money when it comes to data and reports! We definitely recommend it to any affiliate out there.”



“Voonix saves easily an hour a day for us. We highly recommend it to everyone in the casino affiliate industry. Everything has worked perfectly and the team is also super helpful!”



“Voonix is a great tool and it has saved us hours and hours of work and it will give us more hours to concentrate on other things. We would recommend Voonix with highly pleasure to every affiliate company out there.”




“We are very pleased to work with Voonix and get the help and support from them to track our affiliate programs. With no doubt, we can highly recommend Voonix to everyone”



“We’ve tried many similar tools for aggregating data and Voonix was the clear winner. It has saved us loads of work and we would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep track of several affiliate systems in one place.”



“We’ve been using Voonix for years now to keep track of hundreds of affiliate systems. This setup allows us to track, measure and align our business accordingly. We can’t recommend Voonix enough and will be using them for years to come”


Casivo UK


“Great.com is Very happy to get the help and support from Voonix to keep track of all affiliate programs we use both in Sweden and New Jersey. On top of this Maja, our account manager, is 10/10!”



“Voonix is a must have tool for serious affiliates! Saves lots of time and improves analytics greatly. The support staff is very responsive and helpful. We are pleased to highly recommend.”

Casino Daddy


“Voonix is an excellent tool for an affiliate and we can recommend that for everyone. The help we got to get it started was as professional as it can be”.




“Voonix is a must have for anyone operating in the iGaming space! It allowed us to provide reporting at the right granularity level without having a dedicated team to do this manually. Our team is able to make better, data driven decisions which significantly impacts our growth rate. Highly recommended!”

The slot buzz


“We have been using Voonix for a long time and it has saved us a lot of time. Being able to compile all online casinos in one place is a big advantage for us. All the time we have saved, we have instead been able to spend on improving our website”

Casivo SE


“Voonix provides us with a high-quality service and saves us a lot of time by getting access to data from all affiliate programs in one place. Can’t recommend them enough!”




“As an affiliate who works with plenty of different casino operators, Voonix is essential for us to work smart and productive”



“The reporting capabilities of Voonix are truly remarkable. It provides us with deep insights into our business performance, helping us identify trends and opportunities that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. With Voonix, we can track key metrics, analyze sales data, and understand customer behavior effortlessly.”



“To make the decision whether to use Voonix, build our own stat collector or use another 3rd party was easy. Knowing the team and getting good feedback from industry veterans was one of the triggers, but surely the product itself was the main reason.”




“Voonix is crucial to our operation, we need a tool we can trust. Having known the team behind for a long time the choice was easy, we are happy to recommend their tool to anyone working within Affiliation.”



“I’ve been using Voonix.net for about 6 months now, and this product just gets stronger and stronger. Constantly adding new features and networks as well as always being helpful, fast and clear in communication. I do not only save time and money but the business intelligence I got out of the tool has stepped up my business. Try Voonix!”



“It has been a pleasure teaming up with the Voonix team. Easy to communicate with and a great solution for downloading stats.”




“We have been very happy working with Voonix. Top professionals and helpful throughout the integration process.”



Voonix is a useful tool to keep track of our reportings! Greatly recommend it for any affiliate.”



“Working with Voonix has made our affiliation business at least 100% more efficient. No more logging in to hundreds of affiliate systems, when we can have all stats in one place. It is so easy to trace and control the business now. Customization options are endless, and it saves us at least 100 hours per month of time. We can recommend Voonix to any affiliate looking to bring their business to the next level!”


Mr. Gamble


“Voonix is probably the best reporting tool in the affiliate business and we have seen continuous improvements since we have started with them.”



“At Uusimmatkasinot we have enjoyed the whole process regarding switching over to Voonix. Way easier than it used to getting an overview over traffic.



“Voonix is a trusted software with an amazing customer service with a very good reputation!

This is what we are looking for!

Great support and a great product goes hand in hand for a great partnership”




“Top solution for the tedious task of manually checking reportings in affiliate systems. Highly recommended!”



“If it wasn’t for Voonix I believe we would have gone mad. To get reports for many operators in one place is a timesaver so we can focus on other things. Thanks Voonix for an amazing product.”

Norges Casino


“Voonix is a trusted software with an amazing customer service with a very good reputation!

This is what we are looking for!

Great support and a great product goes hand in hand for a great partnership”




“Voonix has truly been a lifesaver. To get all important data in one place, with one login is an amazing timesaver. And if there’s any issues, the team behind is awesome and always there to help”



“It has been a pleasure teaming up with the Voonix. Voonix saves a lot of time for us. Their team is top professional and is always ready with support. Great solution! Recommend it for any affiliate.”



“Using Voonix has truly helped our business. It’s like they say, “time is money”, and by saving a lot of time we’ve managed to concentrate on more important tasks. This trusted software is highly recommended for anyone working with more than 10 partners, and they have an amazing support”


Evergreen Media


“At Zamsino we are keen on getting stats sorted in a good way so we can keep track of which casinos are the most popular ones on our website. We are happy to be working with Voonix and in this way getting more value out of the traffic we send to our online casino partners.”



“Gambla is a casino, lotto and betting guide aimed to help people find the best options for gambling sites in the world. We use Voonix in order to keep track of which casinos actually are our users favourites.”



“The US and New Jersey online gambling markets are growing at a fast phase and we chose Voonix as our main tool for reporting. It saves a lot of time and effort. At Coinflip.com we review casinos and bonuses — if you too have casino or sportsbook players from NJ or other US states, it’s worth to check this out”




“SportXpert is all about speed, agility and team work and these are exactly the things that we’ve seen from Voonix. Although we haven’t been working together for that long, this match is clearly a winning one.”



“Not only does Voonix save time, but now it is much easier to compare player LTV of different operators. And everything happens fast like in our internet speed test site Nopeustesti.com. We can truly recommend everyone to test this tool”



“Betbrain has just started working with Voonix but already we’ve seen a lot of improvement in our business. If we only have to focus on one thing that we’ve gained from this partnership then it’s definitely the fact that we’ve saved a lot of time.”




“SlotsCalendar and Voonix work together like bread and butter. In the last quarter we’ve seen a definite improvement in ROI so we will continue working with them as this has proven to be a stellar idea.”

Slots Calendar


“We were part of the beta tester group for Voonix, and we immediately saw the benefits. Using the tool saved us countless hours of work while allowing us to maximize the profits from our traffic. We highly recommend to any affiliate!”

Casino Professor


“At CasinoVergelijker.net we’re very delighted with the Voonix tool. Now we’re able to monitor daily our revenues. Voonix offers extensive reports, all statistics we need and an excellent support.”



“We tried the Voonix demo and were instantly sold. The reporting tool is easy to use and save loads of manual work when you dont have to log into 50-100 different BOs to check and compare stats between brands on daily basis.

Well recommended and perfect for any mid to bigger size affiliates!”

Casino Jager


“At Superbigwin.nu, we are very happy to use Voonix for analysing and reporting all our partner online casino data. The tool is fast, has lots of useful options and is easy to work with.”

Super Big Win


“We are very satisfied with Voonix as it has saved us countless of hours! To have all stats from every affiliate software in one place is just amazing and we highly recommend it for any affiliate”


Casino Gringos


“We are very happy to work with Voonix, it is without a doubt an essential tool for any online casino affiliate. The support team is top notch and we hope it stays that way. Recommended.”



“Voonix is a great platform and tool, and has saved us countless hours of work and optimized our entire flow. We can’t recommend it enough for small teams that find themselves spread too thin in this industry. Truly a great optimization.”

Casino Gorilla


“We have recently partnered up with Voonix Aps and so far the the cooperation has been brilliant. We definitely see value in the business and are happy to extend our corporate agreement.”


Mega Rush


“We came across Voonix 2 years ago and now there is no turning back. They still keep making the product even better and smoother for us to archive better results long-term!”



“Voonix saves us a great amount of time every day. It’s simple to use and has many awesome features!”

Eddy Casinos


“As a performance-driven affiliate at kaikkinettikasinot.fi, reliable data is paramount to maximizing campaign success. Voonix’s data collection solution acts as a workhorse, meticulously gathering information from our casino partnerships. This ensures both accuracy and accessibility, empowering us with insightful analytics to optimize our marketing strategies and drive conversions.”

Kaikkinettikasinot FI


“Voonix’s data collection solution gathers information from our casino partnerships, ensuring its accuracy and accessibility. This empowers us with insightful analytics to optimize our marketing strategies. Furthermore, Voonix’s exceptional support team provides prompt and professional assistance whenever needed. Voonix is an indispensable asset for any performance-driven casino affiliate”

Casino Bonukset