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Voonix’s vision is to make your life easier and more transparent!
Our software is the best and easiest way to track your stats from all your affiliate programs.
With Voonix, you no longer need to log in manually to get the data from each operator.


Saves Time

You will never have to log in to all of your accounts again. We collect the data and give you a complete overview in no time.


The Voonix open API allows you to integrate Voonix data with your business intelligence tools.

Fully Responsive

Stay on top of your data on all devices. Check your stats on PC, laptop, tablet, and phone.

Business Intelligence

Stay 100% transparent, create insight, and maximize your ROI. 

Cloud Based Solution

Voonix is a cloud-based solution; therefore, you can access your data no matter your location.


Payments & Invoices

Track payments from advertisers, generate invoices, and control your cash flow.

User Management

Manage your team members, assign specific roles and information access.

Revenue Types

We support all types of revenues, including Revshare, CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, etc.

Filter stats easily by country, sites, traffic sources, groups and more.

Manual Stats and Fixed Fee's

Track profit coming from other revenue sources than the standard PPC, CPA & Revshare.

Get all your stats with 4 simple steps: 


1. Pick your server name


2. Integrate advertisers

3. Import data

4. Enjoy your stats

Supported Systems

  • 85% 85%

We support around 85% of the affiliate systems out there and continuously keep adding more networks. If you find a network we don’t support – Don’t hesitate to contact us to determine if we can support it or not. 

Fully responsive

Know Your Numbers!
Check your stats any time, any where.


At Voonix, our top priority is security and discretion. You decide what we’re allowed to see using our in-system user management system when we need to assist you.

Hosting will typically always be on Voonix’s own servers so that we continuously have the opportunity to maintain and service the program optimally. For clients that want full control, we also offer an advanced setup on your own servers. 



Our pricing varies depending on your choosen set-up. Get in touch and we are happy to give you an estimate, when you know your needs.

From our clients

“I’ve been using for about 6 months now, and this product just gets stronger and stronger. Constantly adding new features and networks as well as always being helpful, fast and clear in communication. I do not only save time and money but the business intelligence I got out of the tool has stepped up my business.

Try Voonix!”

Alex Uritu

Riktiga Pengar

“To make the decision whether to use Voonix, build our own stat collector or use another 3rd party was easy. Knowing the team and getting good feedback from industry veterans was one of the triggers, but surely the product itself was the main reason.”

Andereas Friis

CEO, MyTaste Group

“ has been using Voonix since January 2019. It has been a great way to get an overview over of our traffic, campaigns and revenue for our affiliate pages. We estimate creating a monthly overview before Voonix would take us about 3 hours. Now we can get daily updates that we can act on within seconds. Their support is also friendly, very tech savvy and quick. We truly recommend Voonix to get a good data overview and save you a lot of time.”

Suzanne Kristoffersen

Digital Product Manager, Mediafusion

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