Hi, we are voonix!

Our team is small but dedicated and experienced. With over 30 years in the iGaming Industry (collectively), we have both experiences from the operator side and the affiliate side of the business.

With this experience, we know the obstacles and challenges affiliates encounter and decided to create a tool that would do a lot of the hard work for them. Furthermore, we felt that affiliates are always overseen by operators and wanted to bring back the power to the affiliates. 

With a significant lack of transparency and trust towards operators, we knew that our tool could bring back the trust to affiliates, as well as save time spent on collecting stats from all the operators. Back in the days, we have had our share of experience and knew how time-consuming and costly it was to control and generate a useful business overview.

Today Voonix is much more than just a stats collector. With more than 75+ iGaming Affiliates using Voonix, our software portfolio has grown significantly over the last 12 months – and so it will continue.

Meet The team

Morten Marcussen


Morten Olsen


Mikael Strunge

Business Development Manager

Alexander Nielsen

Head of Tech

Maja Rasmussen

Client Success Manager

Ieva Gezeviciute

Marketing Communications Manager

Aleksandr Sorokin


Ludvig Føhns


Mikkel Henriksen


Stephan Pedersen


What we do best

30 years of experience

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in the online marketing field.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

All our clients get a dedicated Client Success Manager in order to secure your satisfaction.

Best reputation in the industry

It’s not even a lie. Just go ahead and search for our names on google.

We listen to you!

The client knows best! If you discover new features, need help, or want something customized we are always happy to listen and help.

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