VR & AR Revolution: How Virtual Reality Will Change the iGaming Landscape

Apr 30, 2024

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To understand how Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can revolutionize iGaming, first think of the impact online gambling had.

Some years back, people had to visit casinos or bingo halls to gamble. But now, with online gambling, that is outdated. The digital world lets us indulge in gaming from any spot with an internet connection. No more nee­ding to travel far for entertainme­nt – the fun comes to us with a few clicks.

This is super convenient, but it also left us with a void to fill – the lack of real-life fun of a casino.

This is where VR and AR come in. Casinos can use these technologies to create a lively atmosphe­re. They can make online­ games seem just like­ visiting a casino, filling a need for gamers who want a vivid, more engaging casino e­xperience from home­.

What Is VR & AR?

  • Virtual Reality (VR): This puts users in a digital environment, usually by headsets or goggles, giving a stimulated 3D experience.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Adds digital items to your real surroundings using devices like smartphones or AR glasses, making reality more exciting.

The Current State Of VR & AR

Of the two, AR holds the edge, as 70% of technological leaders expect the AR market to gain more revenue than the VR market. In fact, by the end of 2024, the value of the AR marketplace is predicted to exceed $50 billion.

This is probably due to AR’s accessibility. While you can play with a 3D roulette wheel using AR on your smartphone, you’ll need more costly equipment to access VR technology, such as a headset.

That said, VR technology is making strides. A variety of games are now available, including poker and bingo, as well as multiplayer tournaments. Players also now enjoy a more realistic experience thanks to the improved graphics. The introduction of cryptocurrency adds another layer to a secure gambling environment.

Vegas Infinite and SlotsMillion are among the most renowned VR casinos at the time of writing.

How Can You Promote VR & AR As An Affiliate?

Blog Posts-Write detailed reviews of VR/AR casino games.
-Discuss the benefits of VR/AR gambling.
-Explore future possibilities of VR/AR in iGaming, such as new games.
Video Creation-Create VR casino walkthrough videos
-Film VR & AR casino game demos
-Make comparison videos between traditional and VR casinos.
-Host a livestream event to showcase gameplay.
Social Media-Share VR & AR casino industry news
-Host giveaways and promotions with casinos
-Engage your audience with VR/AR-related polls and questions
Casino Partnerships-Seek access to exclusive content and promotions
-Get unique insights directly from the casino.
-Collaborate on a tournament or giveaway with a unique theme.
-Distribute your content on your partner’s social networks.
Influencer Marketing-Create sponsored content.
-Do a livestream collaboration.
-Use the influencer’s social network to offer prizes or redeemable bonuses through your affiliate link.

The Main Selling Points Of Virtual Reality

  • Immersive Experience: VR makes a casino feel real and immersive. It’s like you’re actually at a fancy casino, seeing and hearing everything. You can even talk to virtual dealers and play at virtual tables. AR makes gaming more fun by mixing both the real and virtual worlds.
  • Enhanced Interactivity: VR and AR make iGaming more interactive. They help players to interact with virtual items and characters more naturally and easily. This makes the gaming experience more lively and keeps players more involved.
  • Social Opportunities: Online gaming has become more social, especially in a virtual casino. Players can interact in real-time and create virtual social spaces. This helps build a feeling of community among players.

The Future of VR & AR

While it’s still early days, VR and AR can change the scope of iGaming. More players will use them, especially once the costs for equipment like VR headsets are lower. This could prompt more sign-ups, as people seek to play games in a new type of space.

Exciting new developments are coming too. The addition of artificial intelligence (AI) looks very promising, leading to a more interactive and personalized gaming experience.

As well as looking nice, the games should be more exciting and challenging. The VR casino will also be improved, as AI will make virtual elements more dynamic and responsive.

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