Letter of intent with Acroud – your privacy remains secure

Nov 9, 2020

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At Voonix, we value the privacy of our clients. We know that the data you entrust us with is sensitive in nature, and for that reason, we have always adhered to a range of strict policies to protect your privacy.

These policies are:

  • Maintaining high-security standards in our data systems
  • Every client has their own separate server and client data never crosses to our main servers
  • All data is encrypted
  • Only the CTO of the company has access to and manages client servers
  • The CTO is under strict NDA related to client data

As some of you might be aware, it has today been made public that we have signed a letter of intent with Acroud AB regarding the sale/merger of, amongst others, the Voonix company. For some clients this might raise a concern so we want to make some things clear in advance.

Our Policies will remain the same

We want to reassure you, your company, and your stakeholders that nothing in the above policies will change. When a sale/merger like this takes place, due diligence is of course performed by the participating parties – you do not have to worry.

We have informed Acroud AB in advance of this agreement about restrictions that might be in place, limiting their access during the due diligence process and the day-to-day operations ensuing.

One limitation that we have passed on is that the data privacy policies of Voonix can’t be circumvented, meaning that the technical due diligence can’t and will not cover client servers under any circumstances.

Luckily Acroud AB did not only accept this limitation but was very pleased with our level of commitment towards client privacy. With their help, we will accelerate our innovation and development plans to improve further on the functionalities and overall benefits of being a Voonix client.

We have from the start of Voonix always ring-fenced your data and we will continue to do so.

Please contact us if you have any concerns in this matter.

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