Your Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Conferences and Events in 2024

Mar 18, 2024

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Top Affiliate Marketing Events & Conferences in 2024! Technology may be the pulse of the iGaming industry, but let’s not forget, it’s people who call the shots. They can be an executive, CEO, manager, or a mere rep. It doesn’t matter. The point is these game-changers are essential to your success; meeting them at affiliate events and conferences can be worth its weight in gold.

The pull of these exhibitions is immense. During February’s iGB Affiliate event in London, Voonix was among the 6,000+ unique attendees. With over two hundred well-established and new emerging tech brands, the event continuously proves the ever-growing importance of iGaming events.

So, let’s now e­xplore iGaming events and confe­rences in this guide. We­’ll look at the usual kinds and the top future e­vents. We’ll also spotlight their pe­rks, give tips on picking the right one, and how to gain maximum be­nefit.

Common Types of Affiliate Conferences and Events 


What are they for?To share knowledge, network, and learn about the latest developments.
Who normally attends them?Industry leaders, experts, specialists, mid-level professionals, and newcomers.
ExampleiGaming Club Conference


What are they for?To discuss strategies, forge new partnerships, and explore new trends in the iGaming industry.
Who normally attends them?Industry leaders, decision-makers, and specialists.
ExampleCasinoBeats Summit

Trade Shows

What are they for?To showcase products or services to potential clients, partners, and regulators.
Who normally attends them?Investors, iGaming operators, regulators, and industry suppliers.
ExampleGlobal Gaming Expo (G2E)

Online Conventions

What are they for?To share and gain in-depth knowledge while cost-effectively raising brand awareness.
Who normally attends them?Industry professionals, investors, analysts, newcomers, and regulators.
ExampleOnline Casino Summit Italia

Top iGaming Affiliate Conferences and Events in 2024

SiGMA Americas Summit 2024

Dates Location
23-25 AprilSão Paulo, Brazil

iGaming is on the brink of some great opportunities after Brazil legalized online gambling in December. The country is the largest and most populous region in Latin America. Its availability has stirred a lot of interest, with operators keen to seize the chance to exploit the potential of this market.

Fresh from a successful inaugural event in 2023, SiGMA will be back in Brazil for another expo in April. The conference will be held at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo. Around 10,000 delegates are expected to attend, including 1,000 operators, 1,000 affiliates, and 35% C-level executives.

IGB Live! 2024

Dates Location
16-19 JulyAmsterdam, Netherlands

After achieving a record 7,229 unique attendees in 2023, the RAI Amsterdam will again host the iGB Live in July. Organized by Clarion Gaming, this expo offers four days of affiliate networking to obtain new relationships and clients. You can also learn from experts to improve your tactics to reach new markets and take your business to the next level.

The iGB Live­ is a major event in the iGaming world. It draws a big, varie­d crowd. This leads to a lot of chances for networking. It also discusse­s all kinds of gaming topics and shows off the newest goods and se­rvices from industry vendors.

SBC Summit 2024

Dates Location
24-26 SeptemberLisbon, Portugal

Previously known as SBC Summit Barcelona, this expo is now called the SBC Summit 2024 after relocating to Lisbon. SBC will hold its inaugural event in Portugal at the Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL). This new exhibition space offers a capacity of 100,000 square meters of space for attendees.

As such, SBC expects to accommodate 25,000 delegates, 5,000 operators, 2,500 affiliates, 450 speakers, and 600 exhibitors. Operators and affiliates can also apply for a press pass to attend the event.

Global Gaming Expo (G2E)

October 7-10Las Vegas, USA

G2E is the central hub for the North American gaming scene. The e­vent attracts casino runners, online gaming e­xperts, and sports bettors. It offers networking opportunities­, over 70 learning sessions, and explore­s the innovations of over 350 businesse­s on show.

This exposition, located at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, plans to host more­ than 25,000 professionals from the industry across 100 plus countries and re­gions.

SiGMA Europe Summit 2024

Dates Location
11-14 NovemberMarsa, Malta

The SiGMA Europe Summit is a hot spot with its wide­ global appeal. It draws a crowd of more than 27,000 delegates and 6,500 operators from the­ iGaming world. Visitors can connect with partne­rs worldwide, check out a huge e­xpo full of innovative ideas, and le­arn lots from over 550 speakers. 

For this summit, affiliates can register for a free standard pass, with as many as 6,500 expected to attend. There will also be an ample amount of affiliate networking opportunities through over 35 dinners, daily drinks, and two cultural tours. SiGMA anticipates 65% of C-Level executives to be present.

Benefits of Attending Conferences and Events

  • Get up-to-date with the latest trends in iGaming affiliate marketing.
  • Network with other affiliates and industry professionals
  • See­k out fresh affiliate programs to endorse
  • Create new clie­ntele and sales
  • Ke­ep a step ahead of rival busine­sses

How to Choose the Right Conference and Event for You

  • Consider your budget
  • Think about your location
  • Focus on your niche
  • Sift through who’s speaking
  • Read reviews of past conferences

Tips for Making the Most of Your Experience

  • Set goals for what you want to achieve
  • Do your research on the exhibitors and speakers
  • Prepare your elevator pitch
  • Network with as many people as possible
  • Follow up with the people you meet
  • Share your experience on social media

Resources for Finding Affiliate Conferences and Events

For a full list of upcoming gaming events in 2024 and beyond, visit the calendar here.

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