AI-Powered Personalization: The Next Frontier for iGaming Affiliate Marketing

May 29, 2024

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Personalization in iGaming is not just an option anymore, it’s a necessity.

It’s inevitable if you think about it, as the internet is more accessible than ever. 5.44 billion people (67.1% of the world’s population) use it, according to a report from Statista in April 2024. The competition in content production is immense, and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you can’t just create anything.

You need your content to be three things: unique, relevant, and memorable.

Yet, neither of these things happens by chance, and combining them on a large scale is an even greater challenge.

Introducing AI Technology

In the art of personalization, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a focal point for many affiliate companies, including those in the iGaming sector.

The technology produces content using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). There are a ton of varying explanations online, but to give you a basic overview, we’ll break it down into these three steps:

  1. Collection: The first step involves the AI collecting data from all relevant sources.
  2. Analysis: The AI has your data and is now using its knowledge base to understand it. In this step, the AI uses machine learning algorithms and NLP to identify patterns, trends, and correlations. It calculates the probability of certain outcomes based on its data and the input information.
  3. Output: The AI creates a response, based on the data provided and its understanding of it. It adjusts your content to align it with your target audience’s preferences.

Key Tactics for AI Personalization

Collect & Evaluate Data To make AI more personal, collect and analyze your own data. It will help the AI extract relevant insights and use them to improve the player’s experience.
Segment PlayersBy using AI to segment your players, you’ll be able to draw strategies aimed at players with unique preferences and various player groups.
Predictive AnalysisUsing AI to guess the behavior of your players will help you understand them. It’ll give you insight into what games or deals they prefer, based on their past choices.
Live PersonalizationDon’t rest your laurels on current data. Instead, ensure AI can continue learning through user interactions and so on. If you don’t, you risk missing out on new trends or insights, and may in time, lose your brand identity.

Case Study of AI Content Personalization

To get where we’re coming from, think of Netflix. The streaming provider uses AI to collect and evaluate data on its users’ past interactions. The AI goes on to segment the users based on their viewing history and preferences. It then predicts what other TV shows and movies they might like by showing a list of recommendations.

Finally, Netflix keeps a live record of its users’ latest selections. This way, if the user watches something from another category, the AI can share more suggestions for further engagement and user retention.

This is one of the most well-known and successful examples of AI personalization. In fact, Netflix once claimed that 80% of a user’s watched videos stem from its list of recommendations.

For us, this example highlights something every iGaming affiliate should target – keeping their players engaged.

To meet this aim, providing the player with a satisfactory experience should be at the top of your to-do list. You can achieve that by offering a personalized list of games and content, but only when you know exactly what they seek.

One Final Bit of Advice

Personalization is just one way to transform your iGaming business.

There are numerous ideas you can use to leverage AI like a customer chatbot, but caution should be heeded. AI is not perfect yet and still requires a human touch at the time of writing after all.

Another matter you should bear in mind is the quality of your data.

Whatever you do, AI will only be as good as the data you provide. To this end, it is critical that you have clean and relevant data at your disposal. You’ll also need to make sure your data is continuously updated to ensure your personalized AI content stays accurate and on point.

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