A look at Traffic Lab’s Data Analysis Transformation

Jul 2, 2024

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Established in Copenhagen in 2014, Traffic Lab has become a frontrunner in Europe’s iGaming affiliate technology market. Their core mission is to bring transparency to the online gaming industry. They achieve this by developing in-house comparison websites that empower gamers with clear and comprehensive information. These platforms allow players to make informed decisions by directly comparing features and offerings across various online gaming platforms. This win-win approach benefits both sides: gamers leverage Traffic Lab’s tools to find the perfect platform that aligns with their preferences, while casinos gain access to a targeted audience of engaged players actively seeking their services.

Traffic Lab’s team consists of specialists across various fields, from programming to SEO. This expertise allows them to constantly innovate and develop new comparison tools, ensuring their offerings remain at the forefront of the industry. Their commitment to exploration extends beyond technology, as they actively seek out new markets to expand their reach and influence within the ever-evolving iGaming landscape.

The Challenge

Traffic Lab faced a significant challenge in their data analysis process. Previously, extracting and reviewing website statistics was a laborious manual task, requiring a team of 15 people to dedicate 3-5 days, resulting in a dreaded “hell week” every month.

This not only consumed valuable employee time but also limited data review frequency, hindering their ability to optimize user experiences and focus on strategic development.

The Solution: Voonix Premium

Traffic Lab’s quest for a more efficient solution led them to Voonix, a software specifically designed for iGaming affiliates. Voonix tackles the “hell week” head-on by automating both data extraction and review. Gone are the days of logging into individual affiliate programs; Voonix streamlines the process by collecting statistics automatically. It’s a stats collector that eliminates the tedious manual tasks and saves affiliates a significant amount of hours.

But Voonix doesn’t stop there. It goes beyond basic functionality by seamlessly integrating data from diverse affiliate programs into a unified, centralized platform. This intuitive interface empowers Traffic Lab with a holistic view of their affiliate performance. It enables them to discern trends and make informed, data-driven decisions effortlessly. By automating data aggregation, Voonix liberates the Traffic Lab team to prioritize strategic growth initiatives and optimize user experiences effectively.

Results: Unleashing the Power of Daily Insights

The impact of Voonix’s automation was nothing short of transformative. Traffic Lab went from a monthly review cycle to one where they could access and analyze data on a daily basis. This real-time access to insights proved invaluable.

The elimination of “hell week” not only saved a significant amount in employee costs (previously, 15 people spent 3-5 days on manual data extraction) but also freed up a substantial amount of time. This newfound resource allowed Traffic Lab to shift their focus from tedious tasks to more strategic endeavors.

“Reviewing results was daunting and infrequent, often leading us to dark places. With automated stats, we now review them daily instead of monthly. This allows us to optimize user experiences more frequently and frees up our team to focus on developing tasks for Traffic Lab.”

-Peter Gunni, CEO | Traffic Lab

With daily data readily available, Traffic Lab could now optimize user experiences more frequently, ensuring their comparison websites remained at the forefront of the iGaming industry. Furthermore, the team was empowered to delve deeper into development tasks, fostering innovation and propelling Traffic Lab’s growth forward.

Looking closer, Traffic Lab stands out for its innovative spirit. Their team of programming, SEO, and digital experts continuously develop and improve their comparison websites. Together with Voonix, the company went from a
time-consuming manual process to an automated and efficient system, unlocking better user experience, faster development cycles, and a happier workforce. This dedication to progress fuels their vision to be a leader in the iGaming industry. Voonix is proud to be a partner in their journey, empowering them to achieve their goals and shape the future of the industry.

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