5 Hours Back in Your Week: How iGaming Affiliates Can Leverage Data Scraping tools for Maximum Efficiency

Apr 18, 2024

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If you’re an iGaming affiliate hunting for a time-saving solution to your data collection, data scraping tools are one way to go.

Even the most experienced affiliate­s grapple with inconsistent data and manual analysis. Trudging through heaps of reports, juggling platforms, and keying in data into spreadsheets? That’s not just a headache. It’s a colossal waste of your precious time and energy.

And let’s face it – the time and energy you lose on collecting data could be better spent elsewhere.

This is where data scraping tools come in.

The Problem with Manual Data Collection

Data reigns supreme in all sectors of affiliate marketing, not just iGaming. But gathering and scrutinizing it by hand can be a drain on your valuable time. This hindrance can impede your progress, resulting in:

  • Inconsistent Formats: Data from different affiliate programs usually comes in different formats. This means you need to spend time cleaning and organizing it before you can analyze it.
  • Limited Scope: Collecting data by hand takes a lot of time. This can limit your study because you might not be able to collect all the data you need for a complete understanding.
  • Error-Prone Process: Mistakes in entering data can occur. This can cause your analysis to be incorrect and may affect your campaign results.

To sum up, managing varied data types is a tough and time-consuming task. Instead of manually collecting and inputting data, our focus should be­ on activities that boost business growth. That makes a big difference. By doing this, we use all our data, not just managing it but utilizing its full potential for our benefit.

How Data Scraping Tools Can Save You Hours

Data scraping tools are like having a personal data assistant for your iGaming business. These software programs connect to your various affiliate programs. They automatically collect, organize, and store your data – all in one place. 

So, with the hassle of switching between platforms and handling data gone, you get what you need in an instant – clear, accurate data, ready for use.

As a leading data scraping tool, Voonix Premium has proven to be an effective go-to solution. This software program was created for iGaming affiliates and has helped save our users many hours of work.

To date, over 75 affiliates in iGaming are using Voonix Premium from various parts of the world. Many of them have shared favorable reviews on our testimonials page, which you can find here.

Unlock Exclusive Advantages With Voonix Premium

  • Easy Data Collection: Automatically gather data from all your affiliate programs. This ensures clean, consistent data for analysis without needing to manually collect your data.
  • Uncover Hidden Insights: Use data grouping and segmentation to spot trends and improve performance across brands, regions, and income sources.
  • Data Expertise at Your Fingertips: You’ll have a dedicated account manager to help with your data strategy and get the most out of Voonix Premium.
  • Simplified Deal Management: Add and manage multiple affiliate deals in one place.
  • Real-Time Insights: Use API access for real-time monitoring and auto-adjusting campaigns based on performance.
  • Personalized Experience: Change data views, stats, and currency conversions to enhance your workflow and user experience.
  • Detailed Tracking with SubID Script: Monitor campaign performance down to the sub-affiliate level. This provides deeper insights to help improve your marketing efforts.

Start Free, Upgrade Later: Unleash Your Data Potential Today

If you’re ready to unlock the power of data scraping tools and take your affiliate marketing to the next level, don’t wait any longer.

Our free 14-day trial lets you experience Voonix Premium firsthand. Start your free trial today and discover the difference automated data management can make. Then, at the end of the trial, you can select a subscription plan.

To see all the different subscription plans, visit the sign-up page here.

Are you new to the iGaming affiliate scene?

At Voonix, we understand the importance of starting strong. This is why we offer a Freemium plan with core features to help you get started, absolutely free!

If your monthly revenue grows beyond €4000, you can upgrade to a paid plan that meets your needs. 

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