2024 Stats Trackers’ Showdown 

Mar 4, 2024

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Routy vs StatsDrone vs Voonix – A Comprehensive Comparison

Having accurate data at your fingertips is crucial for any business. Stats trackers have emerged as a fundamental tool for affiliates, offering insights and analytics to optimize performance and make data-driven decisions. It’s no secret that these tools are irreplaceable – but how do you know what’s best to choose today? In this article, we will delve into a comparison of three prominent companies providing tracking solutions.

Voonix, StatsDrone, and Routy are 3 popular choices when it comes to affiliate tracking. First and foremost, they eliminate the need for logging in multiple times, thus saving affiliates tons of time. They are masters at collecting and organizing the data which then can be easily presented in a dashboard, helping affiliates to analyze their results and make the right strategic choices. Although quite similar, all of these tools have both PROs and CONs, some of which might strongly influence your final decisions, depending on what you prioritize as a user.

Let’s dive deep into each tool together!

Key Features, Differences, and Pricing of tools for affiliate tracking

Below you will find a table comparing some of the most important features available for you as a user. Keep in mind, that some of it might only be available on the premium packages.

Here are the highlights:

  • Industry knowledge: All three companies are well supported within the industry, bringing in their expertise, constantly expanding their offerings and overall partnerships.
  • API integration: Provided by all (StatsDrone – only on the premium package)
  • Data levels & quality: All companies work on ensuring high data quality; there are different levels of data accessible to users (Voonix customers can view tracker & marketing source data, in which campaigns are included)
  • Data synchronization: All three companies synchronize the data frequently, thus ensuring you are always up to date.
  • Unlimited free trial: Both Statsdrone and Voonix offer a free trial for 14 days. Voonix has a freemium version that can be used for an unlimited time until advertiser earnings hit the 4k eu/month mark.
  • Revshare & CPA: Supported by all three. 
  • Cloud/self-hosting: All three have cloud hosting; Voonix also offers an external solution where everything code+db is hosted on your server.

Overview of most important features available*:

*based on website information accessed in 2024; the availability of features can differ depending on your chosen plan & company updates

Routy – pros, cons, and pricing

Routy provides automated, user-friendly data tracking solutions. Drawing upon over two decades of collective expertise within the iGaming sector, the company provides affiliates with detailed yet comprehensive data that enables tracking of minor changes and facilitates company-wide analysis effortlessly. With near real-time tracking and reporting, all data is conveniently accessible on a single platform.

Here’s what Routy’s pricing packages look like:


Routy offers a professional package at a price of €200 a month for users with up to 20 affiliate accounts and 50,000 events monthly. The package includes daily stats extraction, page view & click tracking, as well as ticket and live chat support.

StatsDrone – pros, cons, and pricing

StatsDrone develops tools for the affiliate marketing industry. Regardless of its relatively short time in the market & the software launched in 2021, the company reports continuous growth and great feedback among affiliates. Their first product, an iGaming app, allows affiliates to ditch the manual logins and gain valuable insights within a few clicks.

Here are the packages you can choose from:

Statsdrone offers a free trial for 14 days. Their Starter Plan comes at $49, available for users with up to 30 affiliate programs. The plan includes statistics synced once every 12 hours, report customization, data visualization dashboards, real-time currency conversions, and email customer support.

Voonix – pros, cons, pricing

Voonix offers a wide software portfolio with various solutions for iGaming affiliates. The company has been operating since 2017 and is built upon over 30 years of collective experience within the industry, covering both the operator and affiliate sides. With Voonix, affiliates can save time, dig deep into their data (tracker/source level, as well as by brand/casinos), get insights on various sources of revenue, assign member roles, generate invoices, and make data-driven business intelligence decisions.

You can either choose a free version or go with one of the premium packages:

Voonix has recently introduced a Freemium version. Users gain access to a Voonix server where they can track advertiser earnings, and view data by brands and accounts. It’s free no matter how many programs you use, and there’s no time limit. The only catch is that once you start making more than €4,000 a month, you’ll need to pay.

For those who want to try out the premium version without any limitations, there is a free unlimited trial for 14 days.

Voonix premium packages start at €210 a month.

Our Final Thoughts – what’s best for affiliate tracking?

All three companies offer high-quality software, great services, and support. To find the perfect tool, consider your specific needs and budget.

  • Routy: Good choice for affiliates needing advanced tracking and postback, though the cost might be prohibitive for beginners.

Pros: Experienced team, data security focus, advanced tracking, live chat support, customizable plans.

Cons: Expensive for beginners, no free trial.

With over twenty years of combined experience in the iGaming industry, the team at Routy knows the challenges affiliates face well. They’re passionate about providing essential insights to help affiliates improve their operations. It’s a good choice for those who need a postback system, but the startup packages are quite costly in comparison to Statsdrone or Voonix.

  • StatsDrone: A good starting point for new affiliates who need a general overview of their programs and don’t need to dig into brands and sources due to its low-cost plan, but be mindful of limitations in cheaper options.

Pros: Affordable starter plan, customizable solutions, multilingual support (English, Spanish), user-friendly interface.

Cons: Limited features on free trial and cheaper plans, priority support only for custom plans, no data on source/tracker level, slow data sync on starter plan (12 hours).

Statsdrone promises personalized services, flexibility, and support. It’s quite popular among beginners in the market due to its low-cost startup packages. However, there are many limitations with the cheaper offerings. Pay attention to factors such as data levels & sync, and the number of accounts that can be added,  especially if you plan to expand your business in the future.

  • Voonix: An excellent choice for all affiliate levels, offering a free tier and comprehensive features in paid plans. Their focus on data quality is a major advantage. Affiliates can track brand/casino performance, and view data on the source/tracker level.

Pros: Freemium model (unlimited accounts, forever), free onboarding, in-depth data analysis, frequent data sync (every 2 hours for all plans, even with the Freemium), consistent features across premium plans, extensive support options, supports over 85% of affiliate systems.

Cons: The Freemium version does not include source/tracker data.

Voonix not only remains the leader for well-established clients but also demonstrates its commitment by offering a freemium version for those in the early stages of their journey. Their focus on data quality is what makes them stand out. Users can enjoy a freemium version for an unlimited amount of time and add as many accounts as they wish.

Your final decisions will of course depend on your current strategy & needs. Remember, we are here to support you no matter where you stand at the moment – do not hesitate to reach out in case you have any doubts! 

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